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Victory Grips Stealth X2, 2-Finger (Unisex) - Medium

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Victory Grips Stealth X2, 2-Finger (Unisex)
The Victory Grips 2-Finger Grips are unlike any 2-Finger Grip on the market. Inspired by men’s ring grips and women’s bar grips for artistic gymnastics, the design will provide former gymnasts a familiar experience and all athletes a new responsiveness. This is an advanced specialty Grip.
X2 is the next generation of our Stealth X material, providing the benefits of leather and the original STEALTH in one material. It has the softness and protection of broken in leather. The spongy texture cushions your hand and compresses resulting in comfort and performance. The grips are washable, vegan friendly and will not stretch. X2 grips extremely well onto both powder coated and Speal bars, and are perfect for athletes that typically love leather and those who need extra protection.
Thickness- 2.2mm

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